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Who Run the World? It’s International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day!

What are you doing today to make this world a better place for all women?

I know what I’m doing. I am mentoring younger women to be all that they can be in a world dominated by men. I am mentoring a 7th grade girl who reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age – tall, loves basketball and very quiet and shy. I want to make sure that she knows that she has a lot more power than she realizes. I want to build her confidence and let her know that it is ok to dream big and go after those dreams.

So I ask you again, what are you doing to make this world a better place for all women.

Here are some inspirational quotes for women by women (#FWBW):

1. “If I stop to kick every barking dog I am not going to get where I’m going.” – Jackie Joyner-Kersee

2. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” – Helen Keller

3. “You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.” – Diane von Furstenberg

4. “I was smart enough to go through any door that opened.” – Joan Rivers

5. “Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputations can never effect a reform.” – Susan B. Anthony

6. “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” – Malala Yousafzai

7. “Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir

8. “Knowing what must be done does away with fear.” – Rosa Parks

9. “Don’t listen to other people’s voices, listen to your own voice.” – Karla Lockhart

10. “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.” – Beyoncé Knowles Carter

What would you like to say to all women out there? Tell me quote to add to this list in the comments sections.

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